Building E

Location and Site

The residential apartment complex is situated on the land parcel Nos.3273/11, 3347/115, 3347/158, 3347/14 and 3347/152, land registry Ledenica, in the village of Povile 2 kilometers from the center of Novi Vinodolski, total surface area 2668 m2. Primary pedestrian access to the buildings and the main vehicle entrance is from a public road. The road surface to the buildings permits access by heavy firefighting vehicles. The buildings have a basement, the first floor and two additional floors (a total of three above ground levels) and all infrastructure connections, except for building ''C'', which does not have a basement.

The basic purpose of each unit is residential, in a B+1+2 (basement, first floor and two floors) arrangement. Vertical communication between floors is by means of an interior staircase of reinforced concrete. The units also have an attic that is not suitable as a living space. There are 13 residential units in 5 buildings, total surface area 2100 m2.


Detailed spec

Construction and Materials

The construction elements that make up the load-bearing system of the building are the foundation, the exterior and interior load-bearing walls, horizontal and vertical cerclages, the interfloor construction and the angled roof frame. All of the buildings sit on a reinforced concrete slab d=30 m. The external load-bearing walls are made of thermal brick d=25 cm in lime cement mortar with reinforced concrete, horizontal and vertical cerclages, plastered with lime mortar on injected cement mortar. The internal load-bearing walls are also made of thermal brick d=25 cm, the internal partition walls are made of common brick d=10 cm. The facade of the exterior is comprised of a thermal covering d=8 cm and a final layer with vapor-permeable foil and a waterproof smooth stucco in a light pastel tone. The ceiling plates are covered with Tervol mineral wool d=5 cm. The interfloor construction is a reinforced concrete platform d=18 cm, the roof is inclined to approximately 23º and covered with roofing tiles known as ''Mediteran'' with copper gutters and downspouts, and all required inuslation

Indoor and outdoor carpentry

All of the indoor carpentry is made of wood. The doors leaves are filled with perforated particle board, stiffened with a mediapan face, varnished with PU varnish in RAL 9010. The door frames are dry-mounted, HDF varnished in RAL 9010 PU varnish. The wooden window frames, entrance door to buildings and entrance doors to apartments are from the outstanding Inles brand. The windows and balcony doors are in the system INO68 – standard out od 68 mm wooden, three-layer laminated spruce profiles, final finishing done, varnished in 3 layers and equipped with thermo insulation of the glass (4+16+4) with Roto tilt and turn system and aluminium draining board of the wings and window frames. Entrance doors are equipped with safety losk systems, safety cylinders and spyholes. Protection against the heat and additional privacy by window shutters powered by an electric motor. Exterior and interior window boards are made of Brač stone known as ''Veselje Unito''.

Interior and finishing work

Interior walls are painted with environmentally friendly paint for interior walls. The walls and floors of sanitary facilities are tiled with top class ceramic tiles, and the floors have underfloor heating system installed. Ceiling plates are heat-insulated with Tervol mineral wool. The floors in the bedrooms, living room and kitchen are covered with a natural hornbeam thermally treated parquet with three layers of protective lacquer. Flights of stairs and balconies are covered with stone tiles with plinth made of Brač stone known as ''Veselje Unito''. They also have wrought iron fence. The floors in the cellar are covered with top class ceramic tiles. Bathroom equipment includes bathtubs, shower cabins, toilets, wash basins with cabinets and belonging taps, electric radiators and mirrors.

Apartment installations and communal infrastructure

The apartments are equipped with: electrical power (low and high voltage), telephone, TV antenna, plumbing and sewage. Heating and cooling is provided by Mitsubishi Electric units on each floor. There are also fireplaces in living rooms, which have connection to the mounted Schiedel chimney flue. All of the apartments have been designed as ''smart apartments'' with a video intercom systems, motion and smoke detectors , light regulation, heating and cooling regulation, Vimar Eikon sockets and switches, Schrack closets and partitions, and common antenna for receiving land-based and satellite TV and radio programs. The rooms in the cellar are equipped with washing machines and driers for each apartment. There are also installations prepared for sauna in each building. One sauna has been installed in each building for all users.

Surrounding land and the exterior

The unbuilt portions of the parcel have been carefully landscaped. It is planted with authentic varieties of tall plants and shorter decorative shrubs and flowers. The gardens have automatic watering systems. All buildings have adequate number of parking places and the entire parking area is paved and harmoniously integrated in the surrounding green space. The residential complex is also surrounded by a 1.1 meter wall that is a combination of dressed stone from the island of Brač and wrought iron fence. There are 3 swimming pools with belonging showers and where possible, there are spaces for resting with porches and grill. Exterior lighting is distributed in and around the residential complex.

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